27 January 2014

mostly, flickr.

why hello, little blog! you're looking kinda scruffy there, are they feeding you enough?

well.  not really, but I am still glad it's here. 

lately, I've been doing a picture-a-day practice over on flickr--I'm not sure if I will go for a full 365 or not, but I'll at least make it through January--and it's kind of addictive, seeing those photos build up.  I've been more journal-y in the captions thus far, which is also nice, from a record-of-days standpoint.  So if you've missed me, or are feeling nosy about the minutia of our life, you can find those photos here.

The last 365 I tried was in 2012, and it came to an abrupt halt in August, with Imogen's 20-week ultrasound and diagnosis.  After such a life-changing 2013, it feels somewhat poetic, or at least balancing, to return to a document-the-"normal" photography ritual in 2014. 

I also signed up for the Instagram beta on my windows phone.  I am not sure whether it will be my "thing" or not--still, if it's yours, look me up: @thisismarzipan.

and finally, in the midst of all the growing and learning and settling into ourselves, I have indeed been making things, so maybe one of these days I will get back around to writing about that, since it's what brought me to this blogging world and what gets me through the rough bits of the real world.  that, and my people.  hi, people.

1 comment:

melissa q. at a happy stitch said...

I've been enjoying the flickr feed so much. But, I do love to read your well-written words. Welcome back (a little), I can't wait to see what you've been making!!


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