04 September 2013

today, I am.

back to it.

{potato's eye view of the mess under our sofa right now... this summer has been an exercise in making peace with chaos.}

--coming off of a labor day weekend packed to the gills with pool, friends, and food.
--thankful for a moment of quiet after a joyful summer with all three of my kids at my side.  hello, school year.
--marveling at how long it's been since my last post in this space.  I knew it had been a while, but April, wow!
--reaching for my camera after a slump of sorts, and taking a deep breath as I consider opening up to that form of expression again. 
--thinking about how this blog has fit my needs for journaling and recording at different points in time, and how it might best suit right now.
--looking at the small changes in our physical space that have somehow managed to take shape in this busy year.  a new paint color here, a mirror or a fan hung there.  little bits of nesting that found their way (how??) into the midst of all the hospital nights, feeds and meds, appointments--because home is where our heart is, I suppose.  (that, or we needed to stave off anxiety with busyness.  both likely true.)
--putting off pumping.  sigh.
--looking forward to a visit from my parents soon--their first chance to spend time with Imogen post-hospital.
--realizing I'm overdue for an update in her space, too.
--perusing after-school activities for the boys this fall, trying to be thoughtful about what will enhance our family life and what will just add more to our schedule.
--grinning widely at Meg's news.
--enjoying (theoretically) the idea of spending a little more time in the kitchen this fall, and strategizing for more organized menu planning.  (ideas, anyone?)
--realizing I've been as much of a slacker about blog reading as I have been at writing--a quick browse suggests I missed some good stuff this summer.  Hello, internet.

hope the start of fall finds you all well--it's good to be back here, from the other side of the sun. 


melissa q. at a happy stitch said...

Oh, hello you!! So happy to hear your sweet voice again. I have missed it and wondered about you so, so many times.

Snugs' mom said...

nice to see you back online again!

Kan said...

Dear friend, I've missed you here and am glad to discover re-engagement. Your groundedness (a word?) continues to inspire.


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