24 September 2013

back to school.

I forgot to take first-day-of-school pictures this year so we faked it a few days in. 

back to school.

back to school.

It's funny how they have such different photo-personalities.

back to school.

About Owen's sweater: it's a size 4, and pretty much the only one he has worn for the past several years. After looking at this photo, I realized it's really time for an update. But I do love how it contributes to his overall hipster look.

Oh, and we took one with the baby, too:

back to school.


CARU said...

They are so big!!!
And little Imogen is beautiful.

Catherine said...

I love how they warm up and look extra sweet once Imogen joins the picture. They're so big now!! I remember when Owen was just a toddler.

melissa q. at a happy stitch said...

What good brothers!! That sweater is cracking me up. So cool.


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