12 September 2012



thanks so much for all your kind words and thoughts on our news, friends.  I wasn't sure whether and how to write about it in this space, but I'm glad I did.

Even though it feels great to unpack my thoughts here, I don't anticipate this becoming a sick-baby blog.  Not to knock those--I've read quite a few in the past weeks and found them informationally helpful, and often uplifting--it just doesn't feel like a good fit for this space to be where I keep track of the blow-by-blow of medications, procedures, appointments.  I'll surely share any big updates here, and likely some general reflections on how these challenges are shaping our family.  And, surely, some (many!) cute baby photos.  Because, even with all the wires and tubes, I'm just sure this baby will be a cute one.

More than that, she will be a cute girl.  I didn't say it loudly in the previous post, but we are so excited to add a lady-friend to the mix of our family.  And you can imagine that I have already been dreaming about little girl things to sew and knit.  My first order was the Japanese sewing book Carefree Clothes for Girls  -- has anyone used it, and if so, do you have a favorite pattern?

My current knitting project is this garter-yoke cardigan pattern, started before we knew the baby's gender.  I've been adding to it in waiting rooms and on ultrasound tables in the past month, and should finish it in the coming weeks.  Since the baby will not wear clothes while she's at the hospital (just swaddled), I think some hats, or maybe even a blanket (though my mom does those best!), are in order next. 



Also in order this fall: soccer practice, school events, two friends' weddings, visiting family, crunching leaves, and fulfilling a few more of my resolutions--especially that one about the pie... 

september 9.

Yes, fall, we are ready for you.


Snugs' mom said...

pie crust is easy and fun :) I want to try a vodka pie crust this fall, since I normally do the standard shortening, flour, salt, cold water crust.

mama-pan | mary frances said...

vodka?? seriously? that sounds awesome.

I believe that it is supposed to be easy, but the (admittedly few) attempts I've ever made have been Fails. I muck up the crust then throw some oats on the filling and call it a crisp.


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