22 May 2012

old man pants (in case you missed them).


If you follow my flickr stream or the kcwc photo pool, you've probably already seen these, but I wanted to share them here anyhow. They're my second pass at the Oliver + S sailboat pants pattern, which I can now offically declare a fun sew. Having been through the pattern once, this pair came together more quickly than I could have expected.

old man pants.

The pockets are a thrifted wool that I still have yards and yards of--I decided not to go all in on a full-plaid pair of pants, but now I'm sort of regretting it, because that blue and brown check is classic old man style.  Maybe his brother will get one.  Any other ideas for that fabric?  I don't think it would work as well for a woman's skirt--maybe a funky handbag or something?

I'm happy to report, a month out, that both pairs are getting a lot of wear.  I tried to make this pair longer but it's still on the short side--if you are making these as long pants, not crops (as in the pattern), be sure to add more length than you think you need.  Owen doesn't mind the shortness, but fe does complain about the lack of pockets, so I think the Sandbox Pants will be my next try. 


Cirque Du Bebe said...

Love em! So perfectly old man and the contrast checks are awesome. I love this pattern too, the end result looks like a lot of work but they're a relatively quick sew second or third time around.

lowbeamstudios said...

In case you miss this comment over at Dill today: I love the story. We even watched a short of it at the Children's short film festival that traveled to the Wexner Center Ohio. http://www.oliverjeffers.com/projects/lost-and-found-film. I love the interpretation of the story and illustrations into wearable pieces. Lovely job!

Lily said...

Gorgeous, I love this pattern!


Lisa said...

I don't know if this is exciting enough, but I think I would make a big, thick double-weight picnic blanket out of it -- perfect for a picnic on slightly damp grass :D

Seed said...
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