06 March 2012

not-so-recent knits: part 2.

I bet you thought I forgot about this one... well, I kind of did.   It's late, but lest they slip away into the purgatory of unbloggedness, here's the rest of the roundup of 2011 (non-holiday) knits.  It was a fun year!


pebble vest.

Here's a pebble vest that I love but Owen hardly wears... oh well.  I do think it's a pattern that looks better on babies than big kids, it turns out.  Boxy.  I used the Wool-Ease Chunky from this purchase .  It's cheap and washable and fine to knit with but I know from Elliott's sweater that it ends up pilling pretty quickly.  So I don't know that I'll use it again.

fingerless mitts.

kid sized fingerles mitts.

Worn slightly more willingly are these fingerless mitts--they make a good layer over the dinky thin storebought gloves we have a million of, though the mild winter meant that most days the kids went without altogether.  Like the red mittens, I knit these without a pattern but had the Morehouse Farm Merino Knits instructions in the back of my head.  The yarn is Berocco Jasper, the Ocean Kelp colorway.  This one I loved--it was on closeout at our LYS and I wish I'd gotten more.  It would make a lovely kids' pullover sweater, I think.

dimple hat.

dimple hat.

Hard to believe I never wrote about this hat, but I can't find a post for it so I must not have.  Besides the Noro loop, it's the only knit I've made specifically for myself, and I wear it all the time (note to self: stop making things for fickle children and add a few items to your own pile, already).  It's the Dimple Hat pattern from Purl Soho.  I was running low on yarn (Sublime's Cashmere Merino Silk Aran, squishy and wonderful) so I ended up cutting out a dimple's worth of rows, and I wish I hadn't--it rides up and doesn't cover my ears quite how I'd like.  But I think it looks alright and I wear it anyhow.  The stitch pattern here was super fun and I can see myself making this again in the future, perhaps.

Well!  I *think* that does it, more or less.  Of late, I have been slowly working away at a Big Knit for myself--I am at a crucial and unfamiliar interchange in the construction, so of course I have set it aside in fear.  But maybe getting this post up will be a good motivator.  Right.  Or maybe reminds me of the big basket of yarns calling my name from our back room--maybe another quick knit is in store--anyone have any favorite patterns for spring?

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