09 March 2012

horror-film references aside, it makes a cute graphic... right?

Hoping to stave off cold-afternoon malaise a month or so back, I asked Elliott if he wanted to make anything.  "Yes," he told me, "a chainsaw night hat."

A chainsaw night hat.  The bafflement you are experiencing right now was the same I felt.  So I tried for a while to sort out what he had in mind.  A hard hat?  Something with a headlamp?  Nope, it was something with blades.  And a shape that required vivid hand gestures to describe.  I was lost.  That effort failing, I tried to redirect, to suggest we do something more... based in reality.  Like coloring.  Ha.

It ended up being one of those things he would. not. let. go.  Tears, raised voices, the whole thing.  I just needed to make a CHAINSAW NIGHT HAT, already, and why was I being so unhelpful?

So, on day three or so of this drama, I suggested a compromise: what if we made him a chainsaw shirt?  He consented, with a resigned sigh.  Here's what we came up with:





It gets worn a lot, and isn't that really all we can ask out of handmades for our kids?  But I still try not to meet the other parents' eyes at pickup when he has it on.


Jenny said...

I love it.

seriously? a chainsaw night hat?? hah!

Hannah said...

This is one of the greatest things ever! So cute :)

ilovesasek said...

Hey! I love the strong-mindedness of children. They definitely know what they want! What a lovely blog you have. I'm looking forward to sifting through your wealth of tutorials and inspiring projects!

kylie ~radiantreflections~ said...

heh! that is one awesome shirt!
and you made it yourself? you are one amazing mama.

Elizabeth said...

if i saw you and your little boy, i'd tell you that his shirt is awesome!
my guy would wear a chainsaw shirt proudly, as well. :)

mama-pan | mary frances said...

hey, thanks everyone! I'm glad that, at least in this little corner of the internet, people appreciate quirky kids (and the moms who indulge them). off to pitch the "chainsaw night hat" idea to Carter's and Hanna Andersen... heh.

Trula said...

I appreciate quirky kids who know what they want. I think it is lovely.

Kane and Cameron said...

I love this. Have had many similar conversations with my son and love that you found a solution!


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