07 February 2012

brand new skills.

february 1.

Santa brought Owen a REAL bow and arrow for christmas.  I was surprised (by myself)!  Or maybe not so much after all, because I have clear memories of reading the Narnia books as a kid and spending hours imagining myself as Susan. 

Our parks system has a little, barely-used archery range I drive past all the time but have never visited.  But last week we finally pulled over and gave it a shot (ha, bad pun intended).  Until now he'd just been shooting it around the backyard, which is great, but I think it was extra fun to have the line of hay bale targets to aim for.

target practice.


I don't know what will come of this--a lifelong passion or a passing interest, or something in between--but I don't feel particularly worried about that part of it.  He's at an age where so much is about becoming and potential: he's reading, discovering new music, coming into his own socially.  It's all happening, but not quite done, and I'm relishing the moment.

As for myself, I was surprised to win a spot in Xanthe Berkeley's upcoming e-course, creating time capsules .  It's going to focus on taking pictures with the aim of stringing them together in short, storytelling video montages--something I've never tried, so I'm excited to stumble into the opportunity to stretch my limits with this photography thing I've come to love so much.  I've also never taken an e-course, so that in itself should be a new experience.

And Elliott?  He is doing just fine as our new bike rider.  Look at him go!



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