12 January 2012

this and that.

january 5.

well!  time for the one week+ review of those resolutions, right?  it turns out that I have been here at this blog no more than usual, but I am really digging the 365 project and the daily photo-and-words journaling it requires.  So if you don't see me here, check over on flickr.  I'll try to add a more prominent link whenever that long-awaited blog update happens.  we'll see.

also, I have made the bed.... sometimes.

I am at a coffee shop and the couple at the next table is being loud--he's explaining that "See, the north pole is water surrounded by land, and the south pole is land surrounded by water."  She seems suuuuuper interested.  As for me, it makes me think of chiasmus--this and that, that and this--and how I never thought about the globe being one.

january 10.

In crafty news, I did some gift sewing and generally spent a ton of time knitting over the holidays, but now that I am back I'm on less of a tear--just a few rows here and there, and more time organizing and cleaning.  A good way to start the year, as far as I'm concerned.  I've been cataloguing my yarns on ravelry--I remember Beth writing about what a big difference that made for her in terms of being able to use what she has on hand.  Several months ago, I stumbled upon an immense number of high end yarns at a thrift store--I think some LYS must have been offloading stock, or maybe even went out of business?--and now I need to work through them all instead of buying new.

old kitchen, new spot.

And, finally, I did a long-overdue cleanup and furniture rearrange in our kids' room.  The two boys share a pretty tiny space, so moving their kitchen in there meant taking out the rocking chair.   Made me a little sad, but it's by the living room window now, which is just as good a place for snuggling and reading. 

january 9.

I also managed to clear out one of the two strange little cubbies in their space--they are two cube-shaped under-stairs nooks that someone carved out, and they'd been stuffed with toys and costumes for ages.  Now this one, which sits about 2 1/2 feet off the ground, is for reading and playing, and the costumes got their own bin in the floor-level one.  We're all pretty jazzed about it, as you can see.

Anyone else out there busy with midwinter cleaning?  Have any organizational tips--or at least a surprising chiasmus to share?  I'll take whatever I can get.

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