02 January 2012

be it so resolved.

january 1.
[january 1.]

happy new year, bloglandia. I'm finding myself with an unexpected break in the day, and feel myself drawn here.  the holidays were lovely and deserve their own post, but right now I feel like writing about this New Year of ours.

I'm usually not a resolution type of gal.  I think mine for 2011, offered halfheartedly to a yoga teacher who gently prodded, was to "drink more water."  some days I do, I guess.  I have nearly given up on the diet sodas, as of the last few months, and it was a decision not consciously connected to the water thing--but now that I think of it, maybe that early intention yielded unexpected fruit.  That's the way it goes, I think: we mean to, ask for, pray about, angst over, all these choices and goals for ourselves.  For our lives.  And what we get turns out to be something completely different, and unexpectedly wonderful.  So I think I'll seize the moment, or the mood, and jot down a few of these intentions that have been springing to my mind the past few days--things I've been working on, or want to.  Ideas that I'm a little scared to say in public.  Places where I don't want to ask for help, but almost certainly need it.  Efforts I will probably abandon in a week or a month or a season, but which may leave me a little bit better for the trying.

  •  more time recording and documenting: I love this blog space and wish I more often made the time to visit it.  I also read, last year, and loved, this post on keeping a journal, and I'd like to try it or something similar.  Finally, I think I am starting a 365 project, in which I commit to taking a picture a day for the year.  Erika has some great words on how it shaped her year in 2010.  I already take a lot of pictures, but doing it this way will be both a drain and an invigoration, I think.
  • less time being a perfectionist.  This goal is directly related to the one above--too often I avoid writing or sharing or photographing something because I haven't had time to format it or edit it properly, or because it doesn't seem noteworthy enough.  I'd like to let go of that habit, and instead be more present, more spontaneous, less judgmental.
  • make our bed more often.  (this is perhaps in direct conflict with the goal above, but oh well.)
  • learn to bake a pie.  True story--I never make a pie crust; I either use frozen or get someone else to make the pie for me.
  • yell less.  This is an ongoing parenting goal for me--I don't do it that often, but even when I do I feel like it's not productive, nor is it the best I can do for my kids.
  • sew more for myself.  I was super proud of the top I made last year and I wear it often.  I have several partly-finished projects I want to wrap up, and more I'd like to try.
  • revamp this blog.
  • call my family more often.
  • call my friends more often.
  • visit my sister in NYC.
  • say yes when I can, and no when I can't.
That's the list--for today, anyhow--it seems longish, but I think that gives me a higher chance of being able to say I achieved at least one of these things by the end of 2012.  Or else I'll achieve nothing listed here, which can only mean I will have found something else altogether to be proud of.


Beth said...

What a wonderful list - and perspective on the new year. I can appreciate your efforts to make the bed more and yell less; These two goals appear front and center on my own list of choices/changes for the new year.

Kan said...

Lovely list of aspirations. Maybe we can talk about a kid-free road trip to visit sisters in NYC.


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