17 November 2011

goodness around the internet.

november 16.

it's november, and I can feel it today: the wind in the trees, the chill in my toes.  keeping me happy this month are two fantastic november photo projects over at flickr: the Gratitude Project, inviting you to submit one photo a day to express something you are thankful for, and an open-contributions month for habit.  I've written here before about how much I love habit and the deep respect I have for the space Molly and Emily created and curate.  so it's an incredible treat to be able to participate in the form with other people--mostly women--and to see my pictures pop up on the habit page a few times, too: you can see them here and here and here.  but mostly you should check out both flickr groups, because there are some amazing images filling them up.  happy gazing.

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