26 October 2011

kcwc wrap-up: knitted hat

zaggity hat.

Maybe you forgot it had been kcwc, but I did not, and I am going to milk a few more posts out of it...

Energy for sewing was nonexistent one night, so I spent my hour knitting.  And hey!  I finished up this little hat I'd been working on.  Emphasis is on little--I didn't swatch for gauge (bad knitter!)  and there's no way it will fit the intended recipient, but I'm sure I can find a baby-sized head to gift it to.  The pattern is called Zaggity.


a few good ways out, unrelated:

this phone (no, it's not an iphone link).
this discussion of freezer cooking--see the comments for more good ideas.
this post on the value of blogging

1 comment:

Beth said...

fun hat! and thanks for those additional links. one of them brought me to my knees with tears. but i was soon comforted by all the love, caring and hope in the world.


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