12 October 2011

kcwc days 1 and 2: strongman shirt and corduroy pants

kcwc days 1 and 2: shirt and pants

Here's what I have to show for kids' clothes week challenge so far: a shirt and pants for my six year old.

strongman shirt.

strong man shirt.

The shirt, I must admit, is a bit of a cheat, inasmuch as I made most of his for his birthday a few weeks back. I have made freezer paper stencil shirts for all the birthdays for the past few years, and this circus strongman was his six year old effort. Except that I just finished stenciling the red "6 lbs." weight yesterday. So I'll count it for kcwc anyway, since one of my ongoing sewing goals is to stay more on top of final details and general mending/repairs I have queued up. Cross this one off the list--although I am not 100% happy with how the stencil came out...

pants detail.

pants close-up.

And the pants!   Don't you love those pockets?  They were an old pair of mine, refashioned in the same manner as these from the spring 2011 kcwc.  And if you are the pants-refashioning type, you're in luck: this time I took photos and notes for a tutorial, so I'll try to get that up in the next few days. (If you are not the pants-refashioning type, perhaps something else lucky will happen to compensate. Like finding a fifty dollar bill, or a piece of chocolate between the sofa cushions.)

rainy day kcwc photoshoot.


Owen wore both to school today. It turns out the pants are a little big in the waist so I'll have to take them in somewhat, but with a belt today they did just fine. He wouldn't model for me yesterday, but today, since of course it was raining and there was no good light inside, he was game.

strong man.

strong man.

He even tried out his own strong man arms. Go get 'em, kiddo.


small + friendly said...

I love those pants and I am overly excited at the prospect of a tutorial! That is a very cool strong man stencil too.

Crystal - crafty ave said...

Very nice. I love the button closure it looks like. Was that part of the original pant too? Excited to see how you made them. And I spy toe nail polish. Love it, my little guy loves his toe nails painted :)

skirtastop said...

love the shirt and those cords are LEGIT! totally store-bought looking, which is hard to achieve on older boy pants, i think. great work.

mama-pan | mary frances said...

thanks so much, everyone!! The original pants were old favorites of my own--I was a little hesitant to cut into them but I'm so glad I did--the details are way cuter on him :-)


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