26 September 2011


I was trying to get his picture with the mittens.  this was about the best he could do.

well.  I suppose I could insert here a "sorry for the long absence" paragraph for any regular readers out there and regale you with stories of our busy month, but I think you all know how those go.  Nothing too extraordinary, just a regular old (houseguest-, hurricane-, headcold- camping-, wedding-, birthday-, start-of-school-filled) busy month.  Regaling is a grand concept to apply to a blog, and anyhow I think long gaps are pretty much the norm around here.  So I'll just get on with it, OK?

mittens, yes.

These were part of my end-of-summer project to knit mittens for both boys.  I made a pair for Elliott last year using the method in Morehouse Farm Merino Knits.  I never remembered to blog about them specifically but you can see a process shot at the end of this post.   At any rate between that experience and some adult mitts made in the meantime, I felt confident enough to wing these without a pattern--and they fit!  I went with colorful variegated yarn (some of Berroco's Jasper I got on closeout) rather than stripes which made the process even faster than last year's. 

I really enjoy this kind of knitting on dpns--mitts and mittens might just become my knitting "thing."  I know what you're thinking--why doesn't she try socks?  Same technique and no thumb to trouble with.  But I tell you what, if I put time and effort into knitting something, there is no way it is going onto someone's FOOT to be shoved into a stinky shoe.  No way.  Probabaly famous last words, but there you have it.

Getting an action photo of the mittens was an adventure.  There was the headshot-with-background mittens (above), the mittens-with-knees shot:

the "spot the mittens through the legs" shot:

the "invisible hands pushing baby" shot:

the "rearrange the mittens mama just laid out" shot:

and finally the gangsta hands shot:

Consider yourself regaled.  By mittens. 

Happy end-of-summer from here; hope you are enjoying some beautiful weather wherever you are!


small + friendly said...

Gangsta mittens just made my night!

mama-pan | mary frances said...

...and it would be a great name for a band, too.

Trula said...

Just stopping by... having a look around your nice blog. Fantastic mittens!


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