28 September 2011

fun with paper.


I think Made by Joel is one of the most inspiring craft blogs out there right now--I am always blown away by how much he can make with so little, in terms of both raw material and time expended.  I love his Paper City Playsets in particular--genius, and so generous.  So when the boys pointed out the other day that their Peter Pan playset lacked mermaids, I was not stumped--I was able to say, "What if we drew some on paper and cut them out?"  And so we did:

As you can see, I am 100% awesome at drawing.  Look at how their mermaid hair is flowing--it's because they are underwater, and I pay attention to details like that in my art.   At any rate, the kids were completely satisfied and the mermaids were added to the game (complete with serving-bowl lagoon).  I was reminded that, with kids (and grownups), simple, immediate solutions are usually the best for play; imagination will fill in any gaps in craftsmanship and you'll save yourself the guilt of promising an elaborate scheme that takes ages to pan out.

Captain Hook was not as sure:

Hook at the helm.


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