08 July 2011

someone turned three.

Elliott had his third birthday.  I have to say I am a little bit glad this time to be out of the twos, although I would still say that it is my favorite age for all the "stuff" happening developmentally--the emergence of language and independence and so much personality are super fascinating to me.  Except when, you know, "so much personality" takes a turn for the exhausting.

And so it was a day to celebrate, and so we did:

birthday treats.

birthday birdhouses.

birthday birdhouses.

birthday songs.


the eton mess.

birthday wishes.

Lots of little, lovely moments over the course of a birthday week.  There was Eton Mess and birdhouse painting, singing and candles-in-brownies.  This sweet boy surprises me over and over with a gentleness that balances his exuberance and a sense of humor that keeps us all smiling.  Happy birthday, Elliott.

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