13 July 2011

new shirt for me.

new shirt for me

I have been in the mood, lately, to sew for myself.  Aiming to strike whilst the iron was hot (don't you love a good sewing pun?), I made the quick-and-easy Simplicity 2593 shirt.  I went with no ruffly collar or sleeves--even though that's why I picked the pattern out in the first place, since I have a store bought top with that detail and I liked it.  But it seemed like it would be a little much in this fabric. 

new shirt for me.

There it is in action.  I sometimes have that problem you see with the weird "shelf" forming across my chest.  It's not that the shirt is too small, I don't think--it gaps a bit at the back and at the front if I lean forward--but maybe has something to do with the body of the fabric.  Like I should choose something with more drape to it if I make it again?  The fabric, anyhow, is lovely and feels super nice--it's a cotton lawn from the Lisette line that Liesl Gibson (of oliver + s fame) is doing for Jo-Ann fabrics right now.  I'm just not sure if it was the perfect choice for this gathered-top style.  Any thoughts from more experienced seamstresses out there?

Here's a shot that gets in the whole shirt, and a better sense of the color:
new shirt for me
Infelicities aside, I am happy to have another top to add to my summer wardrobe--and I think this one will work for the fall, too, under a cardigan.

I'd love to hear suggestions for other simple, clean-lined top patterns--I really like the fit of some tops I have with no inset sleeve, just the body of the shirt extended into shortish sleeves.  Sort of like this or this.  [I'd go a little less 1980s than that second example, although she is definitely rocking the look.]  These would be knits, most likely--which is another area of intimidation, but I think I feel up to it after all my 90-minute shirt practice. 


Little C and Little J said...

Holy cute! That shirt is great! And, you look seriously hipster hot with the red shoes and skirt. I love it. Don't you think that chest shelf is common and might get better over time as you were it more? Maybe?

mama-pan | mary frances said...

Melissa--you are so funny! and nice. I think I want a bumper sticker with "hipster hot" on it. To put on my fixed-gear bike, you know.

I bet you are right about the chest shelf--the fabric is super nice, and maybe it will relax & soften a little over time. Just like my actual chest has, haha.

Lynn said...

i'm new to you and i am so loving your blog and your sewing! love these red shoes too-what are they?
i think this shirt is great and i'm about to freak about those refashioned kid pants!!! i can see i'll be spending some spare time visiting you... love your stuff!

mama-pan | mary frances said...

hi Lynn! thanks so much for stopping by--the shoes are Miz Mooz from several years back so probably not avail. anymore, but they always have great ones in bright colors--reds, yellows, greens.


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