27 July 2011

in the garden/on the table.

in the garden/on the table

until recently, the garden was mostly my husband's domain; beyond aiming the hose every once in a while I pleaded ignorance.  I'm starting to see the joys in the work as the years go by (and I always enjoyed the eating part), but even with two of us on the job we are far from the most impressive, or diligent, of gardeners.  it's kind of a benevolent chaos out there: we're not big weeders; we're hesitant to thin rows; tomatoes go unstaked; we let the volunteer plants grow as they may.  the kids run freely around, and over, whatever we can manage to keep alive. 

And still it provides:

in the garden/on the table

in the garden/on the table

in the garden/on the table

in the garden/on the table.

in the garden/on the table.


in the garden/on the table.

making pesto.


not sure if it is luck or just good compost.  the herbs were our gateway drug, and we always seem to overestimate what we can keep up with (eating and tending).  still, some slow learning over the years has helped us decide what does and doesn't work for us in terms of selecting plants--though we put in zucchini again this year?!--and we like this book a lot.  the kids love the dirt, the blogosphere inspires, other slacker-gardeners cheer us on, and our understanding of where food ought to come from (but so often doesn't) evolves.  at the back of mind I contemplate taking over the operations, pushing for neater rows or raised beds... but for now I am OK with taking a helpful backseat.  except with the eating, which I will captain with a smile on my face.


small + friendly said...

Yum! Tomatoes already? I'm jealous! Our veggie patch is somewhere between perfect rows and totally ignored. There's just nothing quite like homegrown food, totally worth the effort. And zucchini ?! there's always too much but I just can't say no. I love the ET glass by the way.

Snugs' mom said...

yay for gardens! glad to see your potato plants produced--we might have to try that next year. :) I heartily recommend the raised beds for slacker gardeners. Minimal weeding and no chance of kids and animals stomping on plants. We're going to devise some sort of plastic cover for the winter to see how long we can stretch the lettuce and herbs.

Jenny said...

Such a great harvest! I plan to do a garden next year. Seeing people do potatoes make me hope that they might not be too difficult to grow.

mama-pan | mary frances said...

thanks, everyone! Justine, you + Mike are such enablers. I had no idea that raised beds meant less weeding. I just thought they were fancier, and maybe easier to control soil content.... anyway for next year we need to move the garden out of the ONE shady corner of the yard where it is right now, for some reason.

Jenny, good luck with your garden! For some reason the potatoes did not work out at all for us the first year but the second try was great. They were low-effort, for sure.


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