13 May 2011

sheep and wool.

Here's what we did for Mother's Day:

on the way there.


baa, baa.



An afternoon of sheep, shearing, ice cream, and a nice drive to see it all (not in that car, of course--we were just driving behind it and I thought it was cool).  I missed seeing my own mama but got to talk to her on the phone, and generally enjoyed the time together with three people I love very much.  I meant to choose some yarn as a gift but ended up coming home empty handed--nothing jumped out as more beautiful than the rest, and it was more fun to pet the sheep and people watch than to spend much time shopping.  It had been a busy weekend (inlaws in town, school performance for the kids, a conference for me) but that afternoon was just us and just right. 


Little C and Little J said...

Wonderful adventure! And, WOW, don't your son and your husband look identical. That serious look is quite amazing in double!

mama-pan | mary frances said...

thanks, M.--and you know, he is the one who actually looks more like me. "more" being a relative term...


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