13 May 2011

kcwc: adult-to-kid pants refashion.

pants detail.

Meg's kids' clothes week challenge has surely become one of my favorite internet crafting phenomena.  And I was all worried I was going to miss this round due to houseguests--but luckily schedules were changed and a guest room was quickly re-transformed into a sewing space in time to get busy this week.

I've had this project on my mind since scoring a unique pair of ladies' jeans at Gap for super cheap--maybe 3 or 4 dollars?  Their clearance sales can be pretty outstanding.  And I remembered these super cute pairs Meg made last kcwc, and some similar ones I made for Owen from a pair of my old pants a while back. 

But in this case the details I most loved--adjustable button waist, pleats, belt loops that went up and over the waistband--were all at the top of the pants.  So the typical start-at-ankles, save-the-hem, attach-elastic-waistband approach I'm used to was not going to work. 

Resizing adult pants for a kid and saving the waist details is much trickier.  There may or may not be an internet tutorial for remaking pants this way out there (anyone know?), but I ended up using the old fashioned "wing it" approach--and I'm pretty happy with how they came out!  I was telling someone on flickr that I may try this again and take photos toward a tutorial--we'll see if that pans out, but for now you can just enjoy some process and result photos.

adult to kid pants refashion.

adult to kid pants refashion.

new pants.

pants with homemade snap belt.

rear view.

dancing pants.

The belt in the one shot, by the way, is one I made months ago but never blogged--also a wing-it effort but Meg now has a great tutorial for a similar design available.  And the black and white shirt you see in the kneeling photo is my world-famous bias tape tunic.  And the long tab fastening, with the little elastic band loop?  Definitely my favorite.


Carolyn said...

I just found your lovely blog through KCWC. These pants are great. As a mom of 2 boys, I'm always thrilled to find inspiring clothes for boys.

Beth said...

did you say tutorial? yes please! great work, they look fantastic.

Jenny said...

this is genius! It looks great!

mama-pan | mary frances said...

thanks, all! I'd love to do a tutorial, just need to move it up on The List, you know?


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