15 April 2011

skirt from tablecloth (or, I make more stuff than I remember to blob.)

skirt from tablecloth.

I am always having a hard time figuring out what I mean this space to be--it was fun having a few more readers last month during once upon a thread (and I hope some of you are still lurking around, hi!), but mostly this is a place for me to document, record, and remember... stuff.  Family stuff, home stuff, yes, and also making stuff.  And lately I've been reminded that I really do make something everyday.  Not finish something, oh no.  But whether it's a few rows knitted, a pattern laid out, a quick drawing for one of the kids, a photograph taken, a page written, or even just dinner (and yes!  dinner counts as making.  don't let anyone tell you otherwise), making is a huge part of my day.  Something not to forget, I think.

To that end, with the warmer weather I've been wearing more of this skirt.  I made it at the end of the summer last year and wore it quite a bit until the weather got too cool for the light colors and canvasy fabric to look right (even though I pulled on tights and tried to make it work for a while--I think I wore it to jury duty, ha).  It's one of those items that is full of imperfections but I still like a lot, for reasons of comfort and whimsy.  The waist is a bit too loose, one pocket is wonky, and I kept meaning to fix all that before I wrote about it here... but I think I will just live with it.

skirt from tablecloth

skirt from tablecloth

I wore it on our spring field trip the other day, hoping I could get my sidekick photographer (Owen) to snap a few shots. For some reason Elliott wanted to be in all of them, which was fine by me, but Owen kept trying to shoo him out... I guess he had a "vision." Anyhow we managed a few--and they even capture the aforementioned crooked pockets for you :-)

The skirt is inspired by this one that Melissa (tinyhappy) shared last year--as my title suggests, it used to be a tablecloth, one I thrifted because I liked the fabric, but then found that it clashed/overdid our already gray dining room.  So, to the cutting board it went.

skirt from tablecloth.

I was able to use the existing hem on the tablecloth and lined up another (vintage) skirt I like on top, aligning the folds of skirt and tablecloth.  I knew I wanted the length and bottom opening to be the same but needed to add width at the waist to allow for elastic/gathering (vs. the original's fitted/zippered construction).  So I just kind of guessed, laid my straightedges out in the place I show above, and cut!  Then I used that piece to cut an identical one from the other side.  As I mentioned, I could have gotten away with a little bit smaller waist or at least tighter elastic, but it is fine, really.

Of course I had to copy Melissa's lovely pocket detail:

skirt from tablecloth.

They are lined with a little bit of Moda I got on the remnant table at Hancock's of Paducah, I think.  Kind of a secret surprise when you put your hands in.  Looking back at Melissa's, I wish I had gone with even bigger pockets to showcase the detail (and because big pockets are super useful), but again, it's all just notes for next time.  Notes that I have because I am remembering to write this down.  And the memory of the "photoshoot," the silly tree poses, and the sweet boys who were by my side for it?  That is the one I will keep, long after I get tired of wearing any old skirt.


melissa said...

gorgeous skirt and gorgeous post. :)

Beth said...

Fantastic post. I love your writing about sons and a life full of making. I may give making a skirt like this a whirl some time soon - you've inspired me. Those pockets are to die for!

mama-pan | mary frances said...

thanks, you guys.

Lynn said...

i love this!


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