22 April 2011

it was for the best, it turned out.

it has to go, but that doesn't make it easy.

There was a home job we had been procrastinating.  A tree needed to come down--it was close, too close, to the house.  It was raising the corner; the walls were cracking.  But it was our only real tree, and anyway no one ever likes to be responsible for cutting down a big, healthy tree in its prime.  Well, maybe some people--like nefarious logging CEOs.  And beavers.  Neither of which we are.  My husband seriously considered the prospect of chopping the room next to the tree in half to give it some room. 

tulip poplar.

I put my foot down about that idea, so, sadly, the tree had to go.  It made for some intense first-day-of-spring break entertainment.




Our sweet back door neighbors let the boys and I hang out in their yard so we could watch the process from a safe distance. I brought knitting and books but touched neither--I couldn't take my eyes off the feats of geometry and strength going on above our roof. These guys worked HARD.

This "before" photo gives you a sense of just how close it was to the house:

And this photo gives you a sense of just how big--and how decayed--it was at the base.

Those roots that are all wrapped around our foundation were attached to a rotting tree. So in the end, it was probably a blessing that we decided to have it cut down when we did. We really, really miss it and the shade it gave all summer, but rather than dwelling in suburban guilt I think we will move on, share the firewood, plant new trees, and work to keep them healthy.

Another unexpected upside is all the imaginative play that has come out of the event--so I'll close with these photos of the boys' new favorite game, Pretend Chainsaws (ahem).

"pretend chainsaws" is their new favorite game.




ellen said...

It is hard to watch a beloved tree come down, but not worrying about it falling on your house is worth it.
We have had to do that with several trees..huge ones, that were too close to our house and not healthy.
Fortunately, we have no lack of lots of trees around us. Sounds and looks as if you made the best decision.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Little C and Little J said...

Wow! That is some tree. I kind of wish I could play on that stump. Looks like it's a giving tree.

Darcy said...

Our backyard is surrounded by these huge big trees, some of which are dying. I know they'll have to go soon, but it makes me so sad.

mama-pan | mary frances said...

thanks so much, everyone. it was really hot here the past few days so we had a foretaste of how much we'll be missing it this summer. but we are looking forward to the chance to plant something new.


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