22 March 2011

time for another round of.....

name that sewing machine accessory!


I grabbed this box at the thrift store for about $3 the other day. It was in a bag so I couldn't really check out the contents (a wiser and more brazen thrifter than I would have just ripped the plastic open, but I am a rule-follower, what can I say?). But it had a nice jingle, the small storage wars-type peek I could manage through the bag looked good, and I was feeling lucky.

thrifted parts.

There was a lot in there!  To be honest, I'm still not sure if I was lucky or not--this is yet another in a series of reminders about how little I know about my sewing machine and the finer nuances of the fabric arts. I figure if nothing else, I know what to do with the little package of needles--and I'll use the rest to take up Civil War era surgery.


Some of the parts are clearly presser feet of one kind and another--can anyone out there name any of these? Is that big thing a walking foot?  If so, a) can I use a Singer foot on my Kenmore machine and b) what the hey do I do with a walking foot?

I also picked up a little grab bag of vintagey notions. Good to know that I can now replace those slow, difficult, and dangerous straight pins in my collection:

thrifted notions.

I always feel a little sad when I see a glut of dated sewing supplies at the thrift store, because I know it likely means some older crafter has passed away or been moved out of their home.  I feel like there should be some sort of ritual to honor whomever it was that left all this for me to discover.  Pouring a little whiskey on the machine as I fire it up seems ill advised, however poetic it would feel.


Shay said...

Yes, it's a walking foot. I don't know if it will work on a different brand or not, but you use it to keep material feeding through evenly as you sew. Material that is more "slippery". You can use it for anything really. It's a great foot! It is especially important for quilting. I love mine and use it for so many projects.
If the feet have numbers on them, look them up on the web. Looks like you might have a zipper foot, free motion quilting foot. Fun stuff if it fits your machine. If not, sell them on ebay. Good luck! Love your site

mama-pan | mary frances said...

thank you, Shay! those were my suspicions about the walking foot--I have yet to see if I can get the walking foot onto my machine, but the smaller feet do work on the Kenmore--hurrah! thanks for stopping by :-)

elephantz said...

hi!just found your blog while bloghopping,coming to you live from Malaysia (if you even know where that is haha)

the one on the extreme left looks like either a blind hem or a rolled hem,the clear one next to the free motion quilting foot looks like a buttonhole foot,the one on the right looks like a piecing foot (1/4 inch).these are all based on what looks like the feet i have for my brother machine hehe =)

mama-pan | mary frances said...

thanks so much for making the "long" trip from malaysia, elephantz! and also for the interpretation of presser feet--still figuring what I can and can't use.


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