01 March 2011

this second child.

guess I'll go eat worms.

He started the afternoon with a disassembled sewing machine then ran through:
--spraying water all over the kitchen and dining room
--flinging water all over the kitchen from a washrag (entirely different incident)
--upsetting the wastebasket, twice
--jumping up and down on my antique shaving mirror (didn't break it, thank goodness... especially since I "borrowed" it from my dad)
--coloring with marker on the rug and sofa cushion
--dumping all the kids' dirty clothes into the bathwater
And finished it off by peeing in my lap.

Phew, it feels good to get that down.  And strangely enough, I don't really think any of it was particularly motivated by defiance--he just has Incredible Chaos as his superpower.  When they said that second children are different, I thought they meant brown eyes instead of blue.  Boy is he lucky I love him.

digging it.

Hello to anyone stopping by from Rhythm of the Home--I'm so happy to be included in the Spring 2011 edition, and I hope you'll stop and leave a comment and poke around in my archives.  I am now recovering from our disastrous afternoon with a dark chocolate caramel and look forward to posting here on a possibly-more-frequent basis in the coming months: sewing, making, traveling, and anything else I feel like writing about.  Join me.


Cotton Kiwi said...

I'll say he's lucky! ;o) Hope you had a quiet day today with none of the above happening to you!

Little C and Little J said...

Ha! Boy is that the truth! I love this post! My second is the same. I wish we were meeting up over coffee...we could compare notes. Thought I will admit that mine only peed on the rug, not my lap.

mama-pan | mary frances said...

thanks, everyone! yesterday and today were better, thank goodness. So sorry for your rug, Melissa--maybe we can split a carpet cleaner rental in a few months and sip coffee over the whir of the Eureka.... :-)


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