15 March 2011

once upon a thread outtake: ida pearle's x marks the spot.



Although I am usually in the (sometimes unfortunate) habit of going "all in" with my sewing projects and not bothering with a rough draft, I did make a muslin for my tunic endeavor in a thrifted chambray-type fabric I had around.  It was good because I was able to catch a problem with the width of my sleeves before I went to the main fabric.  I thought I might use the blue one to stage Ida Pearle's illustration for "X marks the spot" for the Once Upon a Thread post, but my plans for some kind of sidewalk chalk masterpiece were thwarted by rain the day I needed to take photos. 

So I ended up skipping it, even though I had already made the accompanying circus-type pants from one of daddy-pan's old work shirts (waistband is elastic with cotton ribbing casing).  They passed the important test, anyhow:


1 comment:

k a t y said...

out takes are the best! glad we got to see this project, even if it was in rough draft form ;)


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