07 March 2011

my sister's music. (a giveaway!)

Here's my sister, Teresa:


here is part of the ridiculous amount of ginger and turmeric she grew in the front yard:

ginger & turmeric.

here is her dining room:


And here is her EP--just for kids:

my sister's album

I can't say enough wonderful things about my sister and her music-making partner and husband, Michael. Besides providing my kids with opportunities to go wild on their drumsets and guitars, the two of them have a musical synergy the likes of which Sonny and Cher would envy. Their main project right now, the Silver Daggers, is a great live show with an album on the way (follow the link and click on "Holy War" to hear one of their grown-folks songs).  They are the kind of people who eat a lot of ginger and turmeric, and invite you to share it. 

But more pertinently for this giveaway, Teresa has a deep love of children and the vast and multifaceted experience of a preschool teacher, kids' yoga instructor, tutor, and performer whose power combined drive  Hands Up Clap! (She also moonlights as a lotto girl, but I'm not sure that has as much to do with her singing chops.)  The album is short and sweet--just the right amount of time for an after-dinner dance party or drive to the store--and it is packed with goodness your kids will love to sing along with.  "Around the Corner" is a love song that reminds me of some of my favorites from Frances England and Elizabeth Mitchell, and "Cookies" and "Grizzly Bear" are playful, infectious, and Raffi-esque (in the best sense of that word, which I just invented). 

Would you like to have a copy?  Leave a comment below sharing your favorite song or album from when YOU were a kid, and I'll pick a winner from comments left before this Sunday, 3/13, at midnight.  I know Teresa and I both spent many an hour belting out songs from Free to be You and Me , and the Sound of Music soundtrack was also in heavy rotation back in the day... whatever your memory, share it with us!

If you don't win or just want to sample her album right now, you can pop over to Amazon, itunes, or CDBaby to download individual songs or the whole album.  Grab your bongos and kazoos--it's time to make some music.


Catherine said...

One of my old favorites was Jack Elliott's version of "Take me for a ride in the car," which I think is a Woody Guthrie song. A good tune!

melissa said...

your sister and her cd look beautiful! and i never even knew that one could grow tumeric like that...

Nancy said...

What a great CD, would love to win this for my son (& of course me too:)) We listened to a lot of music when we were growing up and it wasn't all kids music. My sister and I spent most days at my grandma's house and there were many times along with my cousins "playing" the cigar box/yard stick guitar to my grandma's collection of 45's and one that stands out is Chantilly Lace:) Oh what memories. Thanks for the giveaway.

nannergirl said...

This sounds like our kind of music :) And we love Raffi here. I came via no big dill - can't wait to make one of your tunics. Thanks for the giveaway.

Luch said...

I love good kids music...we listen to all kinds of music with my girls...so much fun! Thanks for the chance!

sproutingflowers said...

My kids and I live and breathe music. One of my favorites when I was a kid was "Chicken Lips and Lizzard Hips." I distinctly remember getting in trouble for teaching it to my best friend who happened to be the pastor's daughter!

Kandice said...

Hi! I am new to your blog...sent over from "Once Upon a Thread"! My favorite music when I was a kid was Raffi...my 1st and 2nd Grade teacher would play them on her record player and we would sing along with her! I need to get those songs for my kids! Thanks for the giveaway!

bufordkyle at hotmail dot com

sam, elias, atticus said...

I was definitely a Free To Be kid. Also a big fan of the Annie soundtrack. My kids love the Beatles and Jack Johnson. They are obviously cooler than me!


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