21 February 2011


january 27.

january 18.

february 14.

It has been a pretty normal month around here, in the best of ways.  Some cold, some warm.  Some inside, some outside.  Color is making its way back into my pictures.  Leaning into the warm and outdoors feels good: just a little more left of this winter. 
I'm in the best school-writing momentum I've had in a long time, which relates to less time in this space, for the time being.  And that's OK.  The behind-these-scenes world is as alive as ever and I am trying to enjoy the dailyness of it. 

But I'm also looking forward to some fun in the big wide world of home/making blogging in the coming month: a piece here and guest blogging here.  Wish me luck--I'm both flattered and terrified to be participating in these spaces with much wider readership than I'm used to in this neck of the online woods. 

This week is an unexpected vacation of sorts for me and the boys--Daddy-pan had travel for work and there were a few days off of school, so we drove to Florida to visit family of all sorts.  It's been an intergenerational whirlwind: the boys have been able to visit with three of their four great-grandmothers AND spend time with some second cousins their own age.  (They have no "real" cousins and were thrilled to have this visit.  I grew up next door and down-the-street from several of my cousins so I see those relationships as very special.)  I'm loving this time with family, even as I anticipate the impact of disrupted routines when we return.  Here's to mid-February anyway, whether yours is ordinary or not.

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Little C and Little J said...

Congrats on extended readership. Your voice is so engaging and warm I'm sure it will be well-loved wherever it travels.


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