06 January 2011

slipping in to the new year.

one step at a time.

hello, blog.  hello, 2011.

I spent the last hours of 2010 asleep on the living room floor while my husband watched a football game, waking up around 12:08 to TV confetti and that guy(?) who's replacing Dick Clark on the screen.  An inauspicious end to an intense year--a year full of life and death and change and stasis.  I haven't written here much about the big losses in our family this year, but I feel like noting now that 2010 ended with the death, on December 31, of my parents' 11-year-old cairn terrier.  "It's just a dog," as my mom likes to remind herself, but they never really are "just" that, are they?  We--especially my kids--will miss his bristly personality and small-dog bravado; I know my parents and I will also remember his death as the one they were there for, after being unable to be next to their own fathers as they each passed this year.  So things go.

That's all to say--I am READY for a new year.  For the changes it will bring and the joys, and even the losses (not too many, please), we can't yet anticipate.  I'm hoping for some quiet days in the next few winter months; I've already started some cleaning and reorganizing of the kind that feels so good after the holidays.  Happy new year to everyone else, too.

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Little C and Little J said...

happy new year, friend, and cheers to 2011. hope it brings lots of opportunity to fly after the difficult groundedness of 2010.


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