25 January 2011

recent knits.

two-strand cashmerino cowl.

It was Christmas so I did some gift knitting.  Of course I wished I had started earlier and done more, and maybe this coming year I will.  I forget how fast some projects can go, once you have your materials together (note to self: it's really, really time to organize the various pieces of knitting stuff strewn throughout the house).  The neckwarmer above is the Dolores Park Cowl, made for my cousin from some Sublime Yarns cashmerino silk--two strands of aran weight held together.  I quit after using up the two skeins so it's a little shorter than the pattern but I think it worked out allright.  And for my other cousin,* I made up some Maine Morning Mitts in (now discontinued) Noro Yuzen. [*A note on cousins--I have more than two, way more in fact, but these are the two who came up in our local-family gift draw.] 

michelle's mitts4

michelle's mitts1

Somehow I only just learned this holiday that my cousin to whom I gave the mitts is a longtime knitter herself--she's done some amazing, intricate scarves she had around at Christmas, and I'm sure lots more I didn't get to see. We were both tickled to find each other out, and I'm looking forward to swapping crafty ideas with her in the future (hi, Michelle!).  Those are her snowy photos above--we've hardly had any to mention this year, darnit.

And here's me in my fancy new loop made from the same Noro yarn, but worked in the striping pattern you see everywhere:

noro loop.

I think most people work these kinds of Noro stripes in two different colorways so that you get a more striking contrast, but I just used two skeins of the same colorway because that's what I had around.  I like how it came out--I had to be careful about where in the patterns I started the stripes, and there are a couple of spots where the striping almost goes away, but then it comes back in a way that I think is rather pretty.

The scarf may be the first thing I've really knitted for myself, and I'm thinking I need to fix that.  Snow or not, we still have some cold days to come.


Beth said...

I love your Noro loop! It reminds me of some socks I made - I did the same alternating b/n two skeins of the same Noro colorway - the 'disappearing' stripes are striking. And lovely gift knits too - your cousins are lucky ladies.

mama-pan | mary frances said...

thanks, Beth! I will have to scour your ravelry page for those socks--I have yet to knit any socks but all yours always come out so beautifully.

Kim said...

I love the loop too - makes me wish I could knit!
I hope you don't mind but I've chosen you as one of my nominees for Stylish Blogger Award.


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