08 December 2010

good things.

gift from the neighnor.
thoughtful neighbors.

library booksale finds.
library booksales.

last carrots.
a garden that's still giving.

at least they didn't say he'd punched a kid.
notes home from school.

my aunt's ornaments.
my aunt and her annual handmade ornaments.

winter's a-comin'.
cold weather and warm hands.


Juniper said...

A very sweet post, love those last bits from the garden and your son's expression!

Trula said...

Love the look of that mitten. The colours are really nice.

mama-pan | mary frances said...

thanks, everyone! The mittens came out well and are getting good use since yesterday's first real snow.

Little C and Little J said...

I love, love, love the note home from school. We got one once that read "Callum would like more pepperoni in his lunch, please." Ha! Love all the other good things, too. Keep it up!


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