03 December 2010

because this is not the time of year for a hole in the wall.

new door light

that pretty light you see is shining through the 15 panes of our new kitchen door.  and it's something I'm thankful for right now, because for a few minutes I thought we'd spend the winter looking at this:


you like fresh air?  head to our place.

The door was the last piece in a kitchen re-do we undertook over two years ago--once we had running water and pretty cabinets, it seemed like a detail not worth stressing over. (especially since aforementioned kitchen work cooincided with arrival of afore-photoed toddler.  enough said.)

this photo gives a little glimpse of the unfinished doorjamb we've been looking at all this time; strangely, I can't find a photo of the door itself or of the clever faux-roman-shade curtain I devised for it (the door was of the half-window variety). 

but all that's a thing of the past.  We found the new door at a local salvaged building goods place for 45 bucks--not a bad deal since we'd priced having a door company put one in and it came into the thousands for parts and labor.  So daddy-pan and his manly hands saved us a ton of money once again.


the view right now is not the greatest (hello, minivan and trash cans) and there's been an 85% reduction in the amount of time I spend walking around the kitchen in my altogethers--so some kind of curtain will be in order, and maybe even some landscaping down the road.  but for now I'm just enjoying a decision made, a project crossed off the list.  so on to the Christmas gifting.... 

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