11 November 2010

new sweater.

it's all done now.

Well, I did it.  I said I would knit my kids sweaters and, thanks in no small part to our civil justice system and the interminable waits involved in a two-day jury duty stint, I've finished one before he even had a chance to outgrow it.

new sweater.

It's the fisherman's pullover pattern from Veera Välimäki, found via Soulemama and the sweater she made for her youngest.  She mentioned it was easy and fast which was all the endorsement I needed to choose it.  Plus it's rather cute.

new sweater.

and it's versatile! you can wear it to drive trucks in...

mums that look like daisies.

... or for picking flowers. Really, what more could you ask?

I don't think I'm a fan off the wool-ease yarn I chose; it's getting pill-y already and I haven't even washed it--I thought the "washable" factor of the blend would be a plus, but since I'll probably end up handwashing to cut down on pilling, it's hardly relevant.  Still, it's soft and warm and DONE and that's really all we need.

and one more gratiuitous photo, if you don't mind--I really am proud of myself.



Beth said...

oh you should be proud, well done! it's adorable and i just added it to my rav queue. i was up for jury duty last month, but luckily didn't get called :)

mama-pan | mary frances said...

thanks so much! It really was fun and a knitting confidence booster. Do you have any tips for armpits, by the way? either for getting them right in the first place or for fixing them after I've goofed up.

stitches.and.tulips said...

This is adorable! I started a sweater for Henry but never finished. !t was the arms that got me. Love the green on your little man!

Emily said...

What a lovely sweater! And it fits perfectly!


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