30 November 2010

more barter fun.


Here's my new favorite gift for new parents: a bottle of wine with some of Melissa's beautiful bibs tied on.  The friend I gave these to said, "I don't know whether to use them or frame them."  So true.  Even though I hope she uses them.

This was my second batch of bibs I scored through the tigerlily tinkering barter exchange--an idea both simple and genius.  I was also lucky to get some of Melissa's natural, homemade beauty products this time around and they are so good.  If you see my glowing skin on flickr or in real life sometime soon, you can thank her. 

I did my part with two pairs of booties from Anna Maria Horner's Handmade Beginnings pattern:

bartered booties.

bartered booties.

The pattern was so clearly written--and so complicated.  Too much so, in my opinion--my go-to bootie pattern is basically a one-seam project, copied from an old pair of Robeez.  So when I hit the parts of the instructions that said things like "repeat steps 1-8 (and 20-24 and 32-36 etc) with second bootie,"  I knew I was in for a long one.  But I persisted and they did turn out nicely--the mark of a well-written pattern. 

For the second pair, I cheated a bit and used felted wool for the sole, back, and insole--which saved a lot of construction work (the original plan uses an outer fabric--batting--liner fabric assembly).  So I think I will repeat that shortcut if I do these again.  I'd also like to try reversible ones like these sometime.  I'm a regular cobbler, I guess!

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Little C and Little J said...

I love my bibs with wine, too! And really, that is such an appropriate gift for new parents. I mean, really.

I had to laugh at your assessment of the AMH pattern. I love her blog but I think I've cheated on every one of her patterns...just lots of steps. The booties are amazing, though, that is the truth.


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