12 September 2010

a lot of trouble, but still kinda fun.

sprinkle circus cookies.

sprinkle circus cookies.

sprinkle circus cookies.

sprinkle circus cookies.  from these cookie cutters, which we received as a gift last christmas.  we broke a lot of the animals trying to assemble them, but the ones that worked out stood up pretty well.  I'm really a chocolate chip girl myself, but every once in a while I let them talk me into sugar.  and if you're going to the trouble and mess, they might as well be awesome stand up animal shapes.

incidentally, I bet cookies like these would be pretty easy to freehand: just a legless body shape then two bubbly H or wide Y shapes for the stands.

speaking of the circus, Amy Karol's Tie One On theme last month was circus aprons, and I really love what people came up with.

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