05 September 2010

knitting hubris.

After successes with neckwarmers and a hat or two, I brazenly decided I was ready for Bigger and Better Things in my knitting. 

And, thanks to inspiration from Beth and Allegra Wermuth's super accessible Boheme pattern, I'm able to pretend that was true:

boheme cardigan

boheme cardigan

Still needs buttons, but the hard part is done--and it came out not too bad, if I do say so myself. However, we'll see if my pride goeth before a fall--I felt so flippin' awesome after I finished this one that I used up a joann's gift card and ordered these with visions of knitting sweaters for my two boys for this winter.

planned project

but shoot, that's a lot of yarn.


Little C and Little J said...

I love this sweater! And, a little hubris is nice sometimes, too. Thanks for your words of encouragement and insight.

Keep up the knitting! By the way, want to do a bit of barter. I have so many pregnancies in my life right now. Would love some baby booties!

Beth said...

Thanks for the props!

Your projects are precious - great job. I can't wait to see which sweater patterns caught your fancy. And hurray for kid-size sweaters...when I got too big for my britches, a year after I leared how to knit, I tried an adult sweater for my husband. Needless to say I never finished that one :)

Bring on the fall knitting weather!

nannergirl said...

Thanks for sharing this neat pattern. I've been cruising through your blog and I just love it. So glad I found it :)


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