04 September 2010

the knitting happens.

Once upon a time I meant this to be a blog mostly about crafting, particularly about sewing.  Between one thing and another, I haven't been doing much as much sewing as I'd like in the past months.  But, almost without my noticing it, my hands have been up to something else:


I learned to knit about a year ago, and it is every bit as fun as people say.  And every bit as portable, as reliable, as calming as people say, too.  When I can't make time to sneak back to the sewing machine, measure, cut, press, pin, and stitch, I can manage to pick up two needles and finish off a row.  And that, my friends, is a good feeling.

incidentally, I've also learned I get a weird amount of pleasure from blocking:

heartbreakingly cute pilot cap.

which is why I decided to block that long strip before stitching it into this:

heartbreakingly cute pilot's cap

this is one I finished a while back and mailed to some friends for their new baby.  it's the Heartbreakingly Cute Pilot's Cap from Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines, a book I checked out from the library and really loved--both for its witty prose and for its approachable projects.  I've found Ravelry, of course, to be an endless source of inspiration, as well as knitting friends in the neighborhood (because everyone knits!--and now I don't feel left out anymore :-)

 I finished off a couple of more recent projects this week that I'll share soon.  I may never finish the wristwarmers in that first photo, which I started last winter and then set aside when I got all laced-out.  But then again, it would be nice to wear them this fall...

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