26 August 2010

things to do when the weather turns cool in August.

boy + koi.


boy + koi.


a face I love.

--leave the windows open overnight.
--get up early and head out the door.
--go back inside for sweaters.
--leave them in the car because it's August, for crying out loud.
--make an impromptu visit to a favorite spot, one you haven't seen in months because it's been all hot and sticky.
--task brothers with keeping each other out of the water.
--make sure the fish aren't too chilly.
--discuss plans to come back soon with quarters to feed them.
--run a little where you shouldn't.
--kiss the faces you love.


Little C and Little J said...

This looks like a place in New Jersey called Grounds for Sculpture. Is it? We just went there for my birthday! Just curious.

mama-pan | mary frances said...

No, it's the national arboretum in DC--the Grounds for sculpture sound cool, though! and happy belated bday :-)


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