18 July 2010

moving things around -- in.habit.ing gets its own page.

I still have it up in July.

hi there. I've gotten a little carried away with this habit thing, so I decided to move my little knock-off project, in.habit.ing, to its own page--a function blogger now supports. so even though I won't be posting the photos here every day, please take a look every now and then by following the tab at the top of the page--I'll definitely keep taking a photo every day and writing all month, and who knows? I could get carried away and keep going after that.

among the reasons I love blogging, not least is that it lets me channel my inner yearbook editor.  I like thinking about the pictures I take and which ones best tell the story I want to tell.  I like moving elements around and adjusting to make things fit, or just for the fun of it.  I like when people sign my comments "KIT! HAGS!"  Just kidding. 

I think I have some other July blogging promises to follow up on, but August is pretty much the same as July, right?  Mostly we've been enjoying summer proper: spending time with friends, swimming at the pool, knitting and sewing here and there, leaving laundry unfolded, and wondering what would be the best replacement for my woefully out-of-season wreath.  Door decor ideas, anyone?


Little C and Little J said...

I love in.habit.ing! the only problem I have with the new page, is that I can't leave comments! Also, been meaning to say that I LOVE the new camera. I can see how much fun you are having.

mama-pan | mary frances said...

thanks and thanks again! yes, I'm not certain I love the limited functionality of the blogger "pages", but wanted to give it a try since it's nice to have the divided space for the different themes within the blog, I think. You can always click the image to leave a comment on flickr, though! and the new camera is a blast. I feel so spoiled, and like I have so much to learn--nothing to do but dive in and practice, I figure.


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