01 July 2010

home again, home again, jiggity-jig.

home again, home again, jiggity jig.

I kind of like jet lag.  Getting up at 4 am makes me feel super productive.  Never mind the afternoon headache, I did dishes and laundry and made biscuits and blogged, all before the sun came up.  Beat that, Martha.

Anyhow, we are indeed back on God-fearing American soil.  All jokes aside, London was wonderful: I have a long to-see list for the next time I'm lucky enough to visit, but this trip with small kids had just the right mix of leisurely sightseeing, time spent with friends, and in-depth park exploration.  The kids did not have much energy left for museums, but since many of London's, like DC's, are free (thank you British taxpayers!), I managed to coordinate bathroom stops with quick visits into a few.  More on that later....

july at thisismarzipan
In fact, I should beg forgiveness in advance for what might be a schizophrenic month for this blog: I have a lot of ideas for material I'd like to post, but none of it forms a coherent or logical narrative.  I'll have to get over it, I guess.

I'll probably do a few "travel with kids" posts over the next weeks, partly to document our recent trips for posterity, and partly in the event that anyone in the vastness of the Internet might someday find the information helpful.  And we'll have a visit from my parents and the 4th of July celebrations in these parts, so it might even be time for some local tourism advice.

I was also excited to read that habit--the lovely, lovely photo/writing blog on which I have a serious crush--is hosting a flickr pool and reader submissions for the month of July.  So, I'm hoping to participate in that as much as possible--also a great way for me to continue getting to know my new friend.

We had two birthdays I've been meaning to mention....

And finally, there have been some bits of crafting happening, and I'd love to share those with you, too.  (this used to be a craft blog, remember that?)

phew--those are some ambitious goals.  But I've put them out there, so I have to follow through, right?  Thanks for following along--feel free to take the mickey out of me if I don't follow through!

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