24 July 2010



--I dropped daddy-pan off at the airport for a week of work travel this morning. always a bummer. the people who wore pajamas to the airport are definitely still in them. Unless they are naked.

--I have this on the to-do list.  Let's hope I can wear it half as well as Anna Maria Horner does.

--We are lucky to have occasional "open gym" times at some of the local parks facilities.  I've always felt  little uncomfortable in my body, not in a weight-obsessed sense, but just in an ungainly, clumsy, unaware of where I physically am in space way.  I have vivid memories of hiding behind a sofa after a (probably well-intentioned) peer tried to force me to learn the Electric Slide at a fifth grade party.  So I'm always glad to have these times for my kids to work on balance and coordination in a playful, noncompetitive setting. 

open gym

I'd be interested to hear others' ideas for working on that kind of bodily awareness with their own kids (or themselves! I'm old enough now not to shun whatever help I can get).

--To go with the large motor skills, we've just seen a huge leap in the fine motors for Owen, too--let the record show that he tied both his own shoes ALL by himself for the first time yesterday. He'll be 5 in September. I can hardly believe it. I feel like we're on the cusp of an entirely new phase in parenting and I'm not entirely sure what to expect.

--check out this NPR story on the rise in urban beekeeping.  I think chickens are a little yucky (sorry, chicken farming friends) but bees are definitely a wish of mine.  Who cares if it's cliche. If I had bees of my own, they would certainly reside in stylish apiaries like these I saw in Paris:


--for some mysterious-to-me reason I turned on the WAMU bluegrass station this morning. uncharacteristic.

--I really dig the quilt in this post (scroll down) on design*sponge.  the chairs are not bad, either. 

enough, already--have a good weekend.

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