05 May 2010

new writer in the house.

We're in an exciting phase around here with our two boys' language skills: an almost-two-year-old learning to talk and a four-and-a-half-year-old learning to read and write.  It's funny how the acquisition of both skills is so exponential, and how reluctance gives way to excitement.  One day you get resistance for pointing out how to sound out and read the word "NO" (as in "NO PARKING", seems like we see that everywhere) and the next he's coming home from school with a paper where he's written "no," plus "on," and "off," all on his own--because he noticed those words on the oven. 

This weekend I suggested a little drawing/writing project: a book of labeled pictures.  We decided on fruits as the theme.  I originally imagined a nice sewn-binding booklet like these, but we ended up repurposing a photo album we had running around--simpler, just as nice, and I think probably more fun for him to slip the pages he'd written into the plastic sleeves:

new writer in the house.

I've been trying to be mindful of doing things with the kids rather than just giving them things to do to keep them occupied.  Hence my delicious-looking pear above.  It was fun.

And there was also space for some of his "pretend" writing, too, which he's always done a lot of--just filling lines and pages of notepads in a very focused way with his own small scratchings--the things I suppose writing looks and feels like to someone who can't quite interpret it all yet. 

new writer in the house.

Not to forget the little guy (he won't let us forget him, don't worry), I should add that his speaking pretty much started with "no," too--but this week I got an "I love you."  He can stop right there, for all I care.

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