07 May 2010

more transitions.

kids' room.

Seems like everything's changing, everyone's getting bigger and cleverer around here.  And part of that cleverness is the imminent and treacherous escape-from-the-crib maneuver that will happen any day now.  That means it's time for a kids' room re-do, and I'm having a sudden wave of nostalgia for the room as it's been for the past year or so.  The photo above, of course, is carefully framed to exclude all the debris on the floor on any given day (including that one), but I really do have a lot of fond memories of putting both kids to bed in that crib, and seeing their happy faces and reaching arms when I came in to get them from a nap.  Not as many fond memories of morning wake-ups; those always happen way too early and lead straight back to nursing+cuddling in our bed (OK, cuddling on a good day, elbowing and squirming on a bad one). 

I also have some very sweet, very recent, memories of rocking #2 in that chair--for some reason it took me this long to figure out how nice it would be to have a rocking chair in there.  I'd just been sitting on the floor or on the mattress our older son used before.  I moved that one out of the living room a few weeks back and we haven't missed it too much. 

But it's bunk bed time, and that's exciting in its own right.  I think we're settled on this one; we looked a bit for some used options but transporting an assembled bunk bed is more than we feel up for.  Plus it's really cool and the low-profile construction is a bonus in their very tiny space.  Here's a great, and also weirdly narrow, kids' room seen on design*sponge that uses it.

And I think it will also be time to change up the material on their clothespin wire, so here's a little "for the record" close-up of how it looks today.

kids' room.

Some good stuff there--class photo, original three-year-old artwork, cards from my sister.  But I have some new family photos I'd like to put up, the new class picture should be coming soon, and we certainly have beautiful artwork by both boys to display.  Maybe I am more excited about redecorating than I realized.

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