29 May 2010


[an occasional series in the style of one of my favorite photoblogs, habit. one picture, just a few words.]

sometimes I trip over a mic stand on my way to answer the doorbell.  my own fault--it's on wheels, and shouldn't they all be, really?


Little C and Little J said...

Love this picture, and love the way that the chaos is so clearly an imaginary world in his mind. Do you wanna join the barter this time around, want me to post a link to the same barter items as last time? I understand if you are too busy but you seemed interested so I thought I would ask.

mama-pan | Mary Frances said...

thanks! yup, definitely up for another round of barter--with the caveat that we're away most of June, but I'm happy to swap with anyone who's not in too big of a rush!


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