03 May 2010

elsie marley love.

kids' shoulder bag.

In honor of the upcoming kids' clothes week challenge, I thought I'd share a previously-made item inspired by the--well, inspiring!--Meg at elsiemarley.  She occasionally makes kid-sized messenger bags to sell in her etsy shop, and when I saw them last year it seemed like the perfect solution to a problem we'd been having with backpack reluctance at school drop-off time.  (Actually, there were a lot of drop-off reluctances last year.  So anything we could do to change the routine was worth a try.  Plus, um, the bags are ridiculously cute.)

I don't think Meg has posted a tutorial for her bags, so I would consider her design proprietary--please consider this just a loose inspiration.  I sized the bag according to the manila envelopes they use for home communication, but I forgot to leave any slack in that measurement, so the envelope usually ends up being folded in half--oh well.  The outside is corduroy and I lined it with two different vintage/thrifted fabrics.  The chicken-and-egg calico is also the back side of the strap.  And I made a pocket-on-top-of-pocket for the back, if that makes any sense--the big pocket is as wide and about 2/3 as tall the bag, and I decided to have the bicycle patch as a pocket, too.  The freezer paper stencil there was my first-ever attempt at drawing a bicycle, and I'm not sure it would be rideable in real life--but you get the idea.

here's a close-up:

kids' shoulder bag.

this is one of those projects I did before I was really keeping up with this blog, so it's fun to revist it and remember the process!  the bag is still kicking around the house, though it doesn't get used for school that often.  Someone figured out that regular knapsack-style bags double as jet packs and rescue packs.


Little C and Little J said...

MF! I love this bike, it's got me a bit intimidated about my own 'super simple' freezer paper stencils, I think you are inspiring me to reach a little higher. Also, congrats on your picture on Soulemama, I recognized it right away.

mama-pan | Mary Frances said...

I think the trick with the freezer paper is investing in a good exacto knife--and you probably already have a self-healing mat to cut on. and thanks for noticing the picture--it was nice to be included with some really great projects.


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