25 May 2010


I still have some projects pending from my "inspired by children's books" efforts during kids' clothes week--I think it will probably become an ongoing theme for me.  In case it wasn't apparent, I should explain that one of my goals with those outfits was for them to mix in with the rest of my kids' daily wardrobe.  That is, even though the clothes were inspired by favorite book characters and images, they should fall into the "real clothes" category rather than the "costumes" category. 

Not that we don't like costumes.


We enjoyed a rousing fashion show this weekend--it was more dressing up for its own sake rather than costuming for a show or make-believe.

We have such a great collection of costumes--some made by me, many of them made by mom years ago for us or our cousins. Snagging the dress-up clothes was surely one of the major benefits of "first to have grandkids" status. So I'm flooded with memories every time we get these wild parades of quick-changes. ("utter surprise... appreciative laughter!!" is how the audience should react. Or so I am told.)


Of course, dressing up comes with its own unique kind of mess, but it's not a bad one to clean up. Growing up we had a special laundry hamper for the dress-up things; for now we keep them in a reusable grocery-type bag, and it works fine. If the thrifting lightning ever strikes and I find something pretty and lidded, that would be fine, too.

Dressing up is also always a big hit during playdates (& the changing time guarantees a few minutes of uninterrupted adult conversation, too). I'm always intrigued by what the kids love to wear and what gets passed over--the clown suit is usually the first one to go on, but a very cool black cape usually lays by the wayside. What do you remember from your own dress-up clothes growing up, and what do your kids love now?

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