26 April 2010

made it there.

yoga bag--pocket embroidery close up

check out Melissa's sweet post about receiving my item for the barter exchange.  Something about seeing an item I made at someone else's home is both surreal and thrilling--so glad you liked it, M.!

A little note about the embroidery: I made the dandelion and the first few blowing seeds on the pocket fabric before sewing the pocket and attaching it to the bag.  After the bag was made, I decided it looked too "framed" on the pocket and went back to add the seeds blowing off the pocket and around the bag.  Something about leaves/seeds/petals blowing really adds a sense of motion to a static craft like embroidery--I first got the idea from this piece by one of my favorite online embroiderer/crafters, tiny happy.  And I used a similar technique on this hat

Speaking of embroidery, check out this unbelievable piece by artist Melissa Stanley.  Again, I think it's the idea of embroidery leaving the frame that is so compelling, for me at least. 


Little C and Little J said...

Yay! I'm crazy about it. And, boom, you are right! It is about how the seeds leave the frame that make it so perfect, you are brilliant MF.

Hashi said...

So sweet! I love it!


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