13 April 2010



the part of the computer I use to upload photos is on the fritz, but here's one I took a few weeks back.  See how big that kid is getting?  I can hardly believe it's been almost two years since he was born.  He is a good helper like his brother, but more of a wanderer--I had a not-so-great parenting moment this morning when a neighbor knocked on the door with (my!) toddler-in-arms, because she had found him standing in the middle of the street in front of our house.  oh, oh, oh.  terrifying and exasperating both.  I need a big bell to hang around his neck, I think.

it's just about planting time here, and we are excited to try some new things this year: carrots, beets, canteloupe, sunflowers, and cauliflower, to name a few.  We are very novice gardeners, so there's no method to our madness--just put out some seeds and see what comes up.  At the very least, we seem to have great luck with zucchini: I put "She-Ra," our 18-inch mammoth from last year, out to pasture during the winter, and just this weekend thinned out about a hundred seedlings that grew up from where she rotted.  I just tossed them back in the compost but I was kicking myself later when I saw zucchini plants going for $2.99 each at our local co-op.  A good second career for me if my current lines of work don't pan out, I guess!

I'll end this meandering post with some links for gardening-genre things we love--hope they are useful for some of you!

--A great book, The Family Kitchen Garden has recipes, gardening activities to do with kids all year long, and clearly-written and organized information on crop rotation, planting seasons, and other gardening basics.

--We bought seeds from this heirloom seed company through a local organic grocery, but you can order them online as well.

--We love this picture book now and in February.

--I've had row markers on the brain and love these, these, and these from Etsy as well as these DIY ones.

Happy gardening, everyone!  I hope to be back in this space soon with new photos and news about a very exciting package I received in the mail last week!!

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