19 April 2010


Something exciting arrived on my doorstep last week:

fun in the mail.

I received a stack of gorgeous baby bibs from Melissa as part of her brilliant idea for a barter exchange.  I love, love her fabric choices!  As part of the deal, I offered to attach the snaps using the swanky new snap press I received for Christmas.  The press merits a post of its own sometime, I think, but here's a picture of the bibs all lined up ready for fastenerizing (I retain all copyrights to that terrific verb, thank you very much):

ready for fastenerizing.

So stunning I may start a new fashion trend by wearing them myself:


just kidding.

Her package is on its way, so I won't spoil the surprise by posting pictures yet, but I will offer a link to the items I have offered to barter.  You can visit tigerlily tinkering for links to all the barter participants--we've made a full round of swaps among the first set of participants, but I think there is still time to jump in and set up your own barter shop and arrange an exchange. 

I have to say that as much as I enjoyed being on the receiving end of this swap, and as wonderful as it will be to have that stack of bibs ready as go-to gifts for friends' babies, the best part was getting to know my fellow swappers a little better.  You'll forgive me for shedding a little tear about the wonders of Crafty Bloglandia, but I just can't get over how nice people are, how talented, and how generous. Happy bartering, everyone!

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Little C and Little J said...

Well said, Mama Pan. I love it! I'm so happy you loved it! My yoga bag is incredible and I'm going to blog about it soon. I just sat and looked at it forever and i LOVE the extra additions! So good smelling and cute. Hmm...what now Mary Frances?


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