01 April 2010



We had a great time at my sister's wedding--the preparation, the anticipation, the joy. We were able to head down well ahead of time, and I am glad we were there to lend moral and material support (some to the bride, mostly to our mother!). Many, though not all, of our large extended family were able to attend; the setting was gorgeous; the music outstanding; and love-in-the-air abounded.

And all that said, we're so glad to be back home (and no, that's not home above! the wedding was held on the lawn in front of that house). Daily rhythms are returning, suitcases are slowly getting unpacked, and spring has stayed around long enough for us to continue relishing it. Piles of laundry and a bout of stomach illness aside, things are pretty great. I like weddings, but I love marriage--and I adore our family.

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