05 March 2010


Playing around with blog layouts is addictive.  Just added some new sidebar features--a list of categories and an amazon favorites list widget.  The latter means I have now entered the dark side of "selling out" by allowing my blog to be used for advertising, but I realized one of my favorite features of other blogs is the way they connect me with books, music, and other material I would enjoy but might not hear about otherwise.  So the favorites widget seems like an easy way to organize and share that information.  I seriously doubt the four people who read this blog regularly will ever lead to the widget generating any income, but if it does, I promise to use my earnings to take you all out for ice cream.

How do things look from your side of the screen?  Anything seem off-balance?  Too cluttered?  I'm open to suggestions!  Also, I think it's about time for a new banner, but the nest-and-eggs look so springlike, I'm going to keep them up there at least for a while.  ah, spring.

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